single mom travel

Single mom travel

Single mom travel

It’s often said that travelling with a child is not only possible but worthwhile. These days we are increasingly less surprised to see parents traveling with a toddler, even to far-away places. I decided to take this a step further and write about single mums who regularly take their children away to explore distant places (unfortunately I failed to locate even one single dad, which is a bit puzzling). It goes without saying that organizing a trip with two adults is much easier, both logistically and financially, than with a child. And of course difficult moments can easily happen while on the road to even the most well-travelled of us. That’s why I so admire these women who not only manage this by themselves but don’t even treat it as something extraordinary.

Here I present four stories of Polish mums who decided to take their children on a journey. I hope these stories will above all reach many single parents who are possibly right now going through hard times, and struggling to believe there are good times ahead. I hope this article can be a helpful crutch for them, and a proof, above all, that nothing is impossible, and it is always worth striving for your dreams. And for those parents who are rising their kids together and are afraid to travel with them, let this be a subject to reflect on and give them courage to act.

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